LRS Application Programming Interface (API)


LRS’ open platforms make it possible to integrate LRS paging, tracking, or service data with any other solution. Eliminate the need for multiple, disparate software solutions, or collect LRS paging or tracking service data and feed it directly into your business intelligence tool.

LRS’ three APIs provide endless options for restaurant, retail, hotel, logistics, and other solution providers.

Please see the Guest Pager Pro Brochure for more information.

LRS Paging API

Notify guests or staff from any software application. Integrate to either the T7470 Internet-Enabled Transmitter or the T7470-C232 Interface Transmitter to start, page, message, cancel, and end paging sessions.

Table Tracker Gateway API

Table Tracker Gateway API

The Table Tracker Gateway API provides all the necessary methods to implement a solution equivalent to the iOS Table Tracker application.

Please visit the Table Tracker Gateway API Site for more information.

LRS Connect API

LRS Connect API

LRS Connect provides management and reporting capabilities for all LRS products. Many of these products can be managed or queried using a REST API.

Please visit the LRS Connect API Site for more information.