complete guest management - total control system Need more information? Why LRS?

For the restaurant that needs it all, LRS introduces its premiere system: Total Control. Designed to be the easiest-to-use system available today, it combines table management, guest and staff paging, and wait list entry into one unit allowing you to take Total Control.


Allows a roaming host to enter table status (Bus, Open, Close) as well as table transfers. The status of every table is transmitted from the T900 to the T7500 located at the hostess station. The host staff can view a complete layout of your restaurant which displays the status of each table.


Total Control minimizes congestion around the hostess station by allowing guests to be put on the wait list from remote points around the restaurant. TheT900 has an alphanumeric keypad which allows guests' names to be entered remotely. Once entered, the guests' name will appear on the T7500 wait list.

Total Control can page Coaster Call, Adverteaser and manager pagers as well as paging guests on their own cell phone or personal pager.


  • Integrated seating/table management, guest paging and wait list and reservation system
  • Combines several technologies and provides the lowest cost solution
  • Maximizes table turns
  • Allows staff to update table status from anywhere in the restaurant
  • Remotely enter names on the wait list minimizing lines at the hostess stand
  • Compact size enhances portability
  • Backlit display and keypad enables low light viewing

Optional Accessories


USB Backlit Keyboard - Small, backlit keyboard plugs directly into USB connector on T7500 and allows easier typing than T7502 keypad.

Hostess Printer - POS printer designed to print small receipt of party name, table #, and seating preferences.  Ideal when multiple parties are paged at one time in high-volume restaurants.

VGA Monitor - Allows customers to view the waitlist without disrupting the hostess



T900 Handheld & T7500 Transmitter

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T7500 LCD Screenshot

Compatible equipment

> T7500

> T900

> Cell Phone

Coaster Pager

> Coaster Call

> Adverteaser (Paddle Pager)

Alphanumeric Pager

> Alphanumeric Pager

Lobster Call

> Lobster Call

> Service Pager

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