pizza pager Need more information? Why LRS?

Do you own an Italian Eatery or a Pizzeria? Are you looking for a unique solution for paging your guests while they wait for a table or while they wait for their pizza? If your answer is yes, then the pizza pager is for you. The pizza pager behaves just like the coaster pagers only with a little more flair. When you have guests waiting, you can hand them a pizza pager and page them when their table or food is ready. Now you can have a reliable solution that compliments your concept.

Product Specifications:

  • The first pager in the shape of a slice of pizza
  • UHF frequency. FM (420 – 470 MHz)
  • Reprogrammable onsite
  • "Heartbeat" charge light
  • Unique stack charging
  • Nickel metal hydride batteries
  • Vibration, flash, beep, and glow alert modes
  • Tracking mode
  • Dimensions: 5 "l x 5.5 "w x .75 "h


  • Much longer range than VHF 27 MHz pagers.
  • UHF frequency penetrates walls, ceilings and structures
  • Wireless programming minimizes duplicate numbers
  • Slice of pizza shape reinforces your pizzeria concept
  • NiMH battery eliminates "memory problems"
  • "Heartbeat" light enables staff to know pagers are charged and working

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Lobster Pagers

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Stacked pizza pagers

Compatible equipment


> T7470 Paging System Transmitter

> T9560MT Low-Cost Transmitter