Manufacturing Solutions Need more information? Why LRS?

Long Range Systems recognizes the need for immediate communication within a manufacturing facility. After all, we are one ourselves.
Speedy communication can have several benefits within an organization:

• Locating staff quickly
• Minimizing machine downtime
• Minimizing emergency response time
• Eliminating "telephone tag"
• Reminding groups of team meetings
• Signaling break times for different groups
• Eliminating the overhead paging system

We offer several products aimed at the manufacturing industry. Choose a product that is right for you.

STAFF Paging

> Employee Paging - PC Paging

> Manager Paging

Enhance communication and eliminate overhead paging by using a network-based transmitter to notiffy employees. Also, notifiy managers with the Butler II, a pushbutton paging solution.

Alert system - Butler II

> Alert Notification

Notify managers of equipment conditions, back or front door opening, or when production personnel need assistance in a specific area.