Click Ahead Seating Need more information? Why LRS?

The NEW alternative to Call-Ahead Seating

Give your guest the best experience without the wait and they'll keep coming back for more. With Click-Ahead-Seating, your guests can place their name on your wait list from any Internet connected computer or PDA. Advanced seating is confirmed via guest's cell phone and when guests arrive, they are seated promptly.


Unlike call-ahead seating, the new Click-Ahead Seating requires no labor. It reduces frustration and errors. Click-Ahead Seating allows guests to view wait times and add their names to the restaurant's wait list from the comfort of their home.


Customers can find you in two ways:
1. lists multiple restaurants according to cuisine and zip code
2. By going to your restaurant's home page, customers can select the nearest location and add their names to your wait list directly.


Instead of losing guests to the competition next door, Click-Ahead Seating allows a hostess to check wait times at an affiliate concept and add guest's names to their wait list.


Using the Click Ahead Seating database, customers can request "seat times". Unlike reservations, the database monitors the restaurant's wait list and inserts the guest's name at the appropriate time to assure the requested "seat time".


Before a guest's name is put on a wait list, Click-Ahead Seating calls their cell phone for confirmation. The guest is told to check in 10 minutes prior to their quoted wait time. Guests will be paged on their cell phone or on-premise pager when their table is ready.

How it Works

  1. Customers visit your web site or

  2. They can view the current wait time and add their name immediately or up to 7 days in advance.

    For advanced seating up to 7 days, the T7500 continually monitors the wait time and inserts the guest's name on the waitlist at the proper time.

  3. Guests receive an automatic confirmation call when their name is added to the list or specifying the date/time of the advanced seating time.

  4. Only when they confirm, will a guest's name be added to the wait list.

Online Ordering


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Compatible equipment

> Cell Phone

Paging System

> T7500 Transmitter

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