Check Point Surveys

Simple, Affordable Survey Solution

Understanding customer needs is the first step in providing a better guest experience. Check Point Surveys is a tablet survey application that helps businesses collect on-site customer feedback. With Check Point, youíll know immediately whatís working and whatís not. Feedback is reactive and honest because Check Point collects information in the midst of the experience.

On-site, Instant Customer Feedback

Provide guests an engaging tablet-based survey to measure customer satisfaction, service or gather feedback on new products or ideas on-site and immediately after their experience.

Manager Notifications

Take control and respond right away. Flag questions and receive instant texts about service satisfaction with the care received; so you can remedy issues before the customer leaves.

Analytics and Reporting

Measure customer satisfaction over time and across locations to identify trends and opportunities to improve service levels.

How It Works:

1. Create - Easily create surveys with our online survey builder.
2. Collect - Handout surveys on-site or at a kiosk.
3. Analyze - View responses over time by survey and location.
4. Improve - Identify trends and opportunities for improvement.